Plan a Destination Wedding in Jodhpur

A wedding is a important event in every persons life, it is about 2 families getting together to celebrate and bless the beginning of their loved ones. Destination wedding has become a popular trend, it consists of bride and groom together with family and guests travel to a exotic place to celebrate their wedding. Without a doubt being with your loved ones at a exotic location for the most important event in your life sounds like a really good idea. Destination weddings are even much more economical to plan plus it also offers a amazing combination of holiday and wedding function combined.

Choosing that wonderful place is one of the most important decisions that as a couple you will have to make during the process of organizing the big day. Definitely, the place should make you fall in love, print beauty to your wedding and provide
warmth to your guests.

Jodhpur has become one of the most sought after location for destination wedding in India.  Amaara Resort offers a perfect venue for destination wedding in Jodhpur. We give your a detailed insight on planning a destination wedding in Jodhpur.

Reasons to plan a destination wedding in Jodhpur

1. You will have a unique wedding among all.

Less than 25% of couples getting married today have destination weddings, so you have probably visited the frequent places to celebrate a wedding in the city where you live. Having a destination wedding in Jodhpur you can have a unique wedding and in a different place, which is always much more attractive. It is definitely not the same to marry in the popular event hall of your city to marry like the Maharajas & Maharani at a luxurious venue like Amaara Resort Jodhpur.

2. You will not suffer so much stress.

Destination weddings are usually much simpler and easier to organize. Destination wedding venue Resorts like Amaara Resort offer complete packages for weddings, whether for 100 or 1000 guests. The package includes banquet, decoration, food and wedding
planner. You just have to get off the plane and decide what you want and they will take care of the rest. Resorts like Amaara Resort specializes in destination weddings, they know the area perfectly and have all the experience in this regard; so you get rid of the stress of planning the wedding.

3. You will have only the most special guest at your wedding.

A traditional wedding usually has an large gathering of guests, most of whom you dont even recognize. In a destination wedding the average number of guests is usually limited to only the people who are close to you. This is because not everyone will be willing to take the time and invest in making a trip, staying in a hotel and maybe missing a couple of days to work to attend a wedding. So you and your partner can be sure that each guest that accompanies you that day will be truly close to you, special people will always be by your side. You can take away the pressure of inviting all those third cousins and co-workers whom you would only invite by mere commitment.

4. You will save money.

Yes, you read it right! Because you will have many fewer guests than you usually have in a traditional wedding, your budget can also lower much more. Most hotels usually offer special prices for groups and as mentioned above, they offer packages for all-inclusive weddings with which you will save a lot. You can also take advantage of traveling in low season when plane tickets are much
cheaper. Several hotels lower their rates during non-holiday periods, especially if it is during off seasons.

5. You will spend quality time with your guests.

In a traditional wedding one is usually in a hurry organizing every detail and on the day of the party you only have a few hours to be able to live a little with each of your guests, instead, in a destination wedding you usually have two to three days to to be able to live
with all of them, in calm and in an environment without pressures. How often do you usually have the opportunity to spend a good quality time with those friends and family so longed for?

6. You will have the most epic photographs.

Similarly, when leaving your city, you and your partner will have the opportunity to see new corners and make them the perfect setting for your wedding photographs. You can take advantage and go from a couple of days before to explore the area and choose your favorite corners, imagination is your limit. Who wouldn't want to have photos in the majestic palaces and forts of Jodhpur.

Choosing a Venue For Destination Wedding

Having a clear idea of the number of guests is a key piece of choice, since it determines the perfect space that is comfortable enough for your guests to enjoy and have fun at every moment of the wedding. In addition, having that list, even if it is not the definitive one, can favor your budget , since when getting a quote for accommodation and food it is required to take into account the number of people who will attend the event.

Confirm with the venue managers what is the minimum number of guests required and how many guests you can have if you extend the list throughout the planning. Remember that the wedding depends entirely on the guests , based on this value if that place is the one for your wedding and never invite more people just to fill the wedding, this will make you spend more and invite people who are not really close to you.

Before choosing the venue, check that there are spaces for all the activities and details that you have planned for your wedding: stage, dinner, wedding ritual, accommodation , the dance floor , the photo booth and of course , the area for reception, are basic! You can also consider parking or facilities to get to the wedding venue.

At Amaara Resort we offer everything that is required to perform your dream destination wedding. You will have plenty of space to host your wedding, reception, sangeet, mehndi, haldi, and engagement here. Food and decor are incredibly taken care of by the hotel, and you can leave it to the highly-trained and experienced staff here to make your entire retreat a seamless affair.

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